The Red Devils looked to end the season on a high had they clinched the Europa League. Instead, it was an end to a not-so-great season finishing 2nd in the premier league. Manchester United’s campaign got off to a shaky start. They lost three and drew one out of the first six matches in the premier league. This included the humiliating 1–6 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur. Ole needed to steady the ship before it was too late. Manchester United stunned everyone by showing signs of progress and becoming a title contender by mid-season.

Roy Keane after United’s humiliating loss to…

BCCI will send two different teams to compete at the highest level. Isn’t it a fantasy to see the current India team?

Indian men’s cricket team in the past couple of years has been such that it can field three separate teams in three different tournaments. This was never thought of in the past, although the men’s team has been doing well in the 21st century. However, fielding two teams isn’t a distant dream anymore. This is also vital to make up for all the cricket losses because of Covid-19 over the past year. The BCCI has already lost quite…

The Non-Striker

I enjoy cricket & football. Love discussing sports anytime. I’d like to start a podcast someday but can’t find a partner. Until then, I’m dabbling in blogging!

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